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Rochabian, all I can say is WOW!

Where to start on a cd filled with all my fav games and demos! Thanks SO much for your time in this project, it's an absolute dream!

Now for my question....
On Emulation it's fine, but on a real CD32 it seems slow loading on everything. Is this naturally due to the cd being slower at seek times? Or have I somehow burnt the image wrongly? I burnt at 2x using Nero 5.5.10.

For example, games stutter and flash screens while loading, and my fav demo of ALLLL time (Odyssey) jumps and pauses for every loading access. Is this normal on a real CD32? Maybe mine's gone wrong (it has been a good year since I last used it!).

But don't think I'm moaning, with UAE I'm a happy bunny! Just it would be so awsome to have the same results from my real CD32! Anyone else having these problems or just me?
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