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Hey Again!

For those of you who want to dive straight into my engine before I've had the time to post details of how each class works, here's a little treat for you all.

Here is the COMPLETE source-code for the engine, and my asteroids clone.

Obviously you will need VB6 to load and run the project.

I've had to cut the computer voice samples from the project in order to keep the zip file within the size limits, but the code is still there - just commented out.

There is no EXE (again for size contraints) so you'll have to fire up StarForge.VBP in the IDE and compile it from there.

Whilst this game does not use ALL the classes, it uses a lot of them, and they are all included.

The ONLY restriction I impose on use of this engine is that, if you decide to make use of it and actually write anything with it, list me in your credits for writing the engine!

Other than that, feel free to use it as you see fit. If anyone has any problems getting it running or has any general questions on it's use, feel free to post them here, and I'll answer them when I get time.

However my code is well-written and easy to read, and I've commented as much as possible.

Have fun!

Oh to play!

Arrow Keys left/right = steer ship.

Up/Down = thrust / reverse.

Spacebar = Fire! Hold down for super charge.

Tab = Fire special (when you have it!)

Enter = emergency brake!

Shift = strafe mode.

Destroy the rocks, and collec the crystals.

10xBlue = recharge shields.

You can spend blue crystals to use your hyperspace (H).

10xGreen = Repair Hull.

10xRed = Powerup weapon.

Shoot the UFO's to drop a load of crystals!

The more accurate you are in each round, the more bonus crystals you get at the end of each round.

Different "grades" of asteroids require more hits to break up/destroy.

Once you've passed level 4, you get MOTHERSHIP UFO's!

Have fun, ya'll let me know what you think now.
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