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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Heys Daphyd,

Thats some damn good stuff, you should be please of your work to be honest insofar i am not aware if there is a maximum upload for the zone.

You know there should be some place other than Aminet that supports MODS / MP3s of peeps musics, i have about 300 tracks i could upload (been writing / sequencing since i was 15 lol .... ahhh octamed, protracker.... such days....)

Currently I am re-writting a Spy hunter game in C++ and OpenGL, its 2d top down, it features vehicle and equipment purchasing, city and intersate travel, a boat mode and a helicopter mode (which was taken out of the original because of time constraints), should be able to post some screenies in the next couple of weeks.


even though its a PC game, the sprites (actors / entities) were rendered on the Amiga.. gotta lurve Imagine!!!!
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