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LOL, sorry my dear Gimbal, didn`t mean to catch a nerve. but err C# .. yeah if ya wanna code on microsoft systems, have you ever tried porting that over to a linux platform....!?!??! (i have and its horrid) in the end i took only 3 of the 16 header files. and re-wrote if for MS expected non-dependencies...

and err JAVA, well again... Enterprise apps even though can be developed in java (trust me i used to do this) for finalisation it would be coded for C# as a final implementation. hence the ethos Java to prototype and C to Run.

Personally i am a bit retro, i absolutely love banging the metal at any given moment to eek that last smidge of performance out of something (be it cpu, gfx etc) so here is an interesting point for those that use borland (yuck!) products after Builder 4 the low level compiler compiles to delphi(vomit) first then onto object and asm binaries..

and a 3d engine in java that can hold its own against an identical engine in C or C++ ????? hmm naaa not buying that, i know to much(nearly 16years), but really you nearly had me sold .

For a partially inturpreted language Java has come a long way since its most humblest beginings, and I admit i have worked on solid *Nix enterprise systems that use Java throughout (albiet a force fed sun standard flavour) wich brings it onto the next point.

Java is slowly becoming bloated as opposed to evolved, if there ever was a curve i think sun might find it in serious crisis.

Coding peeves:

I dont hate Java but...

(not to pleased about a forced UNICODE) *4bytes for a fecking character..... shesh thats like for every language right lol including swahiely*

Evangelical Java Gurus saying: "it really is as fast as C/C++",
i am sure it would be if we took an oversized trash collecting routine out, or better still were allowed to programm memory routines. and a full compliation as opposed to leaving it half a jar ? (yeah poor pun)

I dont hate C / C++ but...

Just for reference how far can a far pointer point?

C# and Borland are NOT the definitive C/C++ standard (no matter what they say)

the C++ council makes other councils look fast in deliberation and execution.

I dont hate ASM but...

Why do i have to square dance to calculate ?
mov jmp, mov, jmp pea

Different CPU's have a different number of commands, (some very nice and totaly useless not mentioning IBM's System 32/36 and AS400)

Logical bit shifts become your life.


Oh i could go on, but i fell i have offended enough people.
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