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I think Ironclaws point is fairly simple here , there is a limit to what "online space" this project can aford to host , once you increase file size beyond a certain factor it does two basic things

1] Limits the number of full game run throughs the site can host

2] Puts off visitors who only have a slow conection via the net

So far it's an undeniable fact that the site is trying to give the best of both worlds by supplying run-through's in different formats for low end & average users.

Pixel perfect cinema quality may be the ideal BUT in order to get contributions from GAME HEADS a basic contribution MINIMUM standard HAD TO BE DRAWN......

NOWHERE does Ironclaw say that they CANNOT accept contributions at a higher resolution , just that for the purposes of display from the site they WILL be recoded for the above mentioned reasons.

I can tell from the points you bring up NoX1911 that you view the whole subject with a proffesional eye to detail & accuracey...Sadly Large amounts of open transfer bandwidth are not free.

So if this project is going to continue to increase it's number of available downloads limits have to be set early to prevent the need of having to re-organise the site or worse, remove games in order to provide NEW files.
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