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I was thinking of using 25 fps for darkseed but didnt because later in the movie when he gets a invicibility ring, he flashes (blinks).... and at 50fps, that is flawless... white frame, normal frame, white frame, normal frame etc.. but if I would use 25fps.. it would not be a smooth blinking if you know what i mean... would result in like white frame, white frame, normal frame, white frame, normal frame......

also in rodland when you start and when you get hit.. you blink fast... 50fps dependend.... most amiga games have that.. somewhere.. so... 50fps for all games... .. but most of the games could be in 25fps without any special notification in smoothness... but still. 640x480, 50fps with the h264 codec is very good... great file size... of course, Camtasia have flawless quality, pixelperfect, no pixel loss.... but.. in most cases, huge file sizes..
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