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The winrar compressed CRAM IK+ video (i already said before its an intermediate codec that has very weak compression) without sound is 636kb running 124secs resulting in 5.1kb/s. Darkseed under same conditions comes to 11.4kb/s.
IK+ has twice the data amount (yuv 4:4:4 against 4:2:0) at half file size resulting in an efficiency gain at a multiple of 4.
But i have to agree that it mostly depends on delta information when it comes to final file size. I tested Turrican2 with WinUAE recording (Camtasia/vsync is horrible at 50fps) that brings 10MB for 30secs on 50 frames/s in near lossless quality with TSCC. That's way too much for final file size and in this case H264 may be indeed better.

At least i recommend TSCC as capture codec with 'fastest compression' in winuae. It will provide better sourcequality with less cpu usage, improves final encoding quality significantly and delivers faster responsiveness when it comes to video editing.

Using H264 or TSCC (with best compression) as final codec depends on delta information in the video. If possible always use TSCC for best quality. Some games only have 25fps or less with overall low motion like Darkseed that could be suitable for this codec.

If i find some time i will set up a comparison between these codecs with RocketRanger on 25fps.
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