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Ok, downloaded your file and watched the movies. yeah, IK+ has good quality but no wonder, it has no scrolling, just a still back. And it's 2 min on 6mb, so 3mb/min.. which is alot... also, it's only in 25fps.. our movies has 50fps, motion, scrolling, some just 1-2mb/min and looks just as good....

Like my darkseed, 640x400, 50fps, 55mb, 48 mins long... that's like less that 1mb/min and it looks good....

So our system here works great, so no need to change it... you also mentioned you get slight vsync issues with the balls, well, use Winuae, Divx or Xvid and have the box check that I told about in the above post and you will have NO sync delay whatsoever.

I only use Xvid cause it has best quality but are a bit slow when recording for some people, not me though..... those who want good speed while recording should use Divx but that codec doesnt have the same quality.
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