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I don't ought to try a new codec or whatever, using WinUAE and Divx or Xvid is good for me, no sync problems whatsoever if you have the "Disable framerate limit while recording" on. So for me Winuae and Xvid are perfect, for recording. But then when we cut and add text to the final product, we make them in the H246 codec... it's all good and works.... so wont change.

I have Fraps and it works well with PC games, and some Amiga games.. but tried it on Slamtilt and it wasnt just possible to record using Fraps... like many other amiga games. When starting recording Slamtilt with Fraps, the sound and video went crazy, got messed up and everything in slowmotion, even if I set Fraps to only 20fps and Half-size. So...... no Fraps or anything for me, just Winuae with Xvid.

Thanks for the suggestion though, will add to our site when I get the time to it and say that people, if they have it, can record amiga games with Fraps. One guy did, but he could only get the game running smooth without glitches if he used Half-size... so the test movie he sent us was only in like 160x140 or something... that's too low. If one records in Fraps, it should be atleast in 320x240.

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