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Part 3

Transfer To The Battlefield - Commander Bren McGuire puts on his Turrican battle armour and prepares for the battle of his life. - All systems ready...

The Machine - Eye to eye Turrican and his arch enemy are facing each other! Will Turrican's energy last - or will the USS Freedom forces fall to the overwhelming powers of the conqueror...

Countdown - The seconds are ticking away without mercy; there's but a few moments left to save the world! Turrican activates all attack systems of his armour...


Freedom - Worn and reluctant! Turrican managed to defeat the massive forces of his enemies and celebrates his greatest victory! The aggrressor's coalition, lead by 'The Machine', was destroyed, their war-mongering catchpoles scattered. Once again there's peace for the people of the galaxy - and once again they pray for eternal rest from the forces of evil.

Turrican Medley - On behalf of the fans' requests and to make this CD complete, the Turrican Medley from the 'Shades'-album was rearranged using modern, state-of-the-art studio equipments. The 1994 Turrican Mix in digital Bombast-Sound!!

ps. the translation has to be of the highest possible quality, nothing short of Turrican greatness.
This is the best I can do. Feel free to flatten out the grammatical mistakes. I'm quite sure I built in plenty. ;-)
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