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Part 2

Techno Dungeon - Turrican in the steel-catacombs of terror. On his search for diamonds he finds secret hide-outs, battles deadly piranhas and encounters agressive robots.

The Desert Rocks - The icy winds blow freezing cold over the tops of the mountains. Unswerving Turrican gets over bottomless canyons, climbs steep rocks and discovers dark caves on his path.

The Great Bath - In the wet caves of the planet Turrican speeds through endless mines. Hideous steel balls, flashing lasers and poisonous spiders are about to destroy the hero's armour.

Walker Factory - mercyless stomping hammers, creaking cylinders and endless belts - a cold futuristic labyrinth made of metal and synthetic fibers welcomes you. The mechanic creatures attack - and they are not programmed for mercy...


The Hero - Victory! 'The Machine' is defeated! The universe is saved from the forces of evil's slavery. But for how long will peace endure?!

Bionic Action - In the halls of the bio-genetic lab there are monsters and mutants awaiting any unwanted visitor. Weird liquids are bubbling dangerously in giant test tubes.

Air Combat - Miles below Turrican there's nothing but an endless ocean of grey mist - above him there's a dark, clouded night sky. Unerring he climbs from glider to glider, on the quest for an unknown aim...

Climb To Survive - There's a mysterious tension filling the atmosphere! Turrican can feel that he will face his greatest enemy again! Only a miracle can save him now...
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