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Turrican is back

After two years of waiting Commander Bren Mc Guire conquers video-gamers' computers and consoles with his Turrican-Armour - as many as three new adventures were created at the Factor 5-labs: On the Super Nintendo Turrican faces his arch-enemy 'Machine' for the first time. Mega Drive-fans might know him from his failed first part that was created by another company, but it's only with Factor 5's 'Mega Turrican' that the true hero enters the stage. On the Amiga, the long expected third part of the Turrican-legend is finally released - a perfect conversion of the Mega Drive game.

Of course, all music and sound fx for these three games were created by Chris Hülsbeck - he played, together with the creator of Turrican, Manfred Trenz, a major part in creating the Turrican legend with his soundtracks, as he does with these three games, too.

Looking at the large amount of music the Turrican games have to offer, Chris finally decided to release a pure Turrican CD. Not 'just' a medley like on his first audio CD 'Shades', but more than 60 minutes of Turrican without any additions.

'I started on the first part of the CD with a combination of a few Turrican Intro sequences - compositions for the Super Nintendo, Mega Drive and Amiga were put together seedlessly.
In the main part you'll find a whole lot of completely new arranged in-game music from all Turrican games. None of those pieces was ever released on my CDs before, and the fans of the games were always asking me for more material from Turrican. Last but not least there is a special gift: I accompanied Turrican on his dangerous mission in space with synthesizer and microphone - why don't you try to dive deep into the action with a little aid of the 3D-sorround-fx...'

Chris Hülsbeck


Part 1

Opening - For the flaming hot Super Nintendo debut of Turrican the music had to be synched by the bar to the animations of the intro sequence. With the CD version, there was more freedom, however...

Prologue - A tale of eternal battle - even without a screen, pictures of a Turrican adventure are created

Main Title - Turrican lives - on the Amiga, too. This is proven by this Bombasto-interpretation of the original t3-Theme...

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