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For Game Programmers...

Hey All,

Fairly new to these boards, so hi to all and sundry.

If there is anyone in the community who dabbles in the art of game programming, either reproducting Amiga classics, or writing clones, or just writing retro-style games in general, then I may have a little present for you which I'd like to offer to anyone who's interested.

I'm a professional developer for a living, but in my spare time I dabble in the art of games programming. I've spent the past 2 years writing a game engine in Visual Basic 6 and DirectX, and whilst it's not 3D, it's absolutely perfect for writing 2d, retro games.

I've got some pretty neat classes in the engine, for everthing from doing smoke and light effects, to a feature rich bitmap class with transparency, transluceny, rotation, scaling, and animated frames, to sound classes, multiplayer classes, starfield generation, solar system simulation, even a galaxy generator (which looks pretty neat).

I haven't documented it properly yet, but I have an example asteroids game I developed which uses a lot of the classes and show's how everything works.

If anyone here is struggling to get started writing their own games, my engine could be just what you're looking for, as it abstracts all the hard DirectX stuff away behind the scenes, and let's you concentrate on the more fun aspects of game development. I have classes also, for handling "actors" in games, and a camera object, which can be used to keep the viewpoint focused on an object while the world scrolls around it.

If anyone's interested in getting their hands on a copy of my code, I'll be more than happy to share it. I'm also looking to put a little team of enthusiastic people together to help me out with artwork, sound and music for my current project.

If anyone's interested post here and I'll reply when I next check the boards.

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