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Defender o. t. Crown2

i`m playing "defender of the Crown 2" (cd32) from an original cd-disk with the latest winuae and the fitting roms and configs
so far, all works fine, swordfighting, jousting, etc etc.
but as soon as i rescued one of the ladies, and the shadow anims of kissing the maid were shown, another anim. appears (castle-tower with smoking chimney), and nothing happens anymore, the screen could keep the anim for hours, despite of pressing any keys. I mean, shouldn`t i get back to the strategic map anyhow?
i am forced to restart cause of this
ok, the game is still winable without a lady, but im curious if its a winuae-prob, or a game-bug
or something`s wrong with my configs?
aga 2mb(chip) 68020 or 68ec020
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