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Originally Posted by weasel_ch
How about the Abe's Odessy series ? Not cutesy, but definitely good old 2D platform.

Give old Abe his due, even if the game owed a lot to the likes of Flashback, Prince of Persia etc. (& one of the rare 2D sucesses on PS1). Note that only the first two games in the series were 2D though.
Though I haven't played it personally the platform games talk bringing to mind some of Delphine's hits reminded me of the long-delayed "Heart of Darkness".
Though not mentioned in the article, I recall The One mentioning in its news items once of it possibly appearing on the Amiga-one for the GTW files methinks.
Got a mixed reception when it did eventually appear though

Not all platformers instantly translate into bad in 3D though-Maximo, a 3D remake of Ghost'n'Goblins by Capcom nicely captured the "spirit" of the original-no pun intended-on the PS2.
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