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Good work!

The cli window hogging is solved if you, in the AmiTCP:bin/startnet script redirect both input and output from/to NIL: for the "run AmiTCP:AmiTCP" and "run AmiTCP:bin/inetd" lines by changing them to "run <>NIL: AmiTCP:AmiTCP" and "run <>NIL: AmiTCP:bin/inetd".

Btw, you probably already know this, but to run the inetd superserver is optional and if you dont need its functionality, you would save you some precious ram by skipping it.

You might already have done so, but to stop it from poping up an extra window for login, you should remove the "AmiTCP:bin/login -f patrik >"con:*/*/*/200/AmiTCP-IP Login/AUTO/CLOSE/WAIT"" line it has added in the "AmiTCP/IP" section of your S:User-Startup script and instead add "AmiTCP:bin/login -f patrik" at the end of your AmiTCP:bin/startnet script. Ofcourse replace "patrik" with your default user .

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