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Originally Posted by patrik
AmiTCP is a very good choice as long as you have knowledge enough to manage it.
Well, as long as there's manuals for it, somewhere, I usually can figure it out... Thanks.

Originally Posted by patrik
Regarding the AMOS programming, the BSDSocket.lha package sounds like the best concept if you could get it to work.
AMOS itself includes no instructions to convert anything bigger than bytes into string variables. (If it's bigger, chr$ returns an error, if I remember right.) Which is probably why this package used some unknown extension to do it. Unfortunately, nowere it says which one it is - not in the readme, nor on the alt.religion.amos newsgroup where it was first concieved and published, nor anywhere else on the net I could get at within the last fifteen hours. (Figuring out what exactly these instructions are supposed to be doing took quite some time.) None of the extensions I could find on aminet seems to offer anything like that. (though I might have missed some if it wasn't obviously named - been at it for the last couple of days straight, deep hack mode...)

If all else fails, I could probably make up some crazy procedure with binary operations and chr$, since speed is not an issue when forming library calls to open sockets, however, finding that extension would be a better solution.
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