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AmiTCP is a very good choice as long as you have knowledge enough to manage it. It also is the fastest and least memory-eating stack. As far as I know, there is no real difference in memory consumption between AmiTCP 2.3 and the latest AmiTCP 4.3.

Though the old AmiTCP 2.x stacks have some compability issues and the best thing would be if you could get hold of the commercial version 4.1, 4.2 or 4.3 of AmiTCP, but they arent sold any longer and are thus hard to come by.

Anyhow, 3.0b2 is a big step from 2.3 and works with the majority of the user-apps as it is more or less the same as AmiTCP 4.0, so you should give that one a try.

Otherwise as far as compability goes, it is very compatible as it was the first widely spread TCP/IP stack on the Amiga.

All modern TCP/IP stacks on the Amiga generally interface with user-apps in the same way - they create bsdsocket.library which the user-app then opens, so except from a few quirks in some versions of some TCP/IP stacks they are the same from the programmers point of view. There is ofcourse also the amigados TCP: handler you can communicate via, but that is also supplied by most TCP/IP stacks.

Regarding the AMOS programming, the BSDSocket.lha package sounds like the best concept if you could get it to work.

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