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The latest Catweasel 1.0.9 drivers fully support two sid chips onboard. The beta version of Acid64 also supports dual sid output but requires the three main drivers to be installed. That is catdri2k.sys; catsid2k.sys and catwea2k.sys. So you need to plug in all the cables to active the installation of the catdri2k.sys. This is for FIFO control, which Acid64 needs to identify your Catweasel MK4, otherwise it will revert back to Catweasel MK3 status and only output in mono format. Unfortunately the beta version has difficultly properly identifying my Catweasel MK4 on XP. Currently it only displays Catweasel MK3. I hope Wilfred can fix this because stereo sid is awesome. There has been a new hardsid.dll that works with the Catweasel released by Simon White for use in Sidplay2/w. Although a new version has yet to be released that incorporates the new dll. So we have to wait, as Sidplay2/w is only updated once in a blue moon.
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