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I've just written a complicated answer to this, changed it into an even more complicated answer to make it more accurate, and now deleted it because it's going to take weeks to explain it all fully. So, the simple version:

No. It's not possible, at least not for computers which are more than superficially different (I've seen a utility that claims to do an ST -> Amiga conversion, but that would only work as the two computers share the same CPU. However, I've never seen the utility working, and it would have trouble translating anything beyond simple console utilities). The simple answer is that an emulator does not actually convert anything. It does not change the program itself; it just intercepts all of the instructions that the program sends to the CPU and replaces them with other functions. It works as layer between the host computer and the foreign program and translates between the two.

The original program always expects to be running on the original hardware, and it simply isn't possible completely to take that hardware away. It can be simulated, but it cannot be removed.
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