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Originally Posted by wanderer
Hi everyone. I was just wondering if anybody out there still creates platform games. I'd really to like to play a good platformer on the pc with enhanced gfx and some brilliant music. It could be a 5-year old game, I don't mind. But I don't mean 3D games with "rotating camera views" and ... "holo-scopic gaming areas" but the good-ol' 2D platformer, possibly with nice+smooth multi-lateral scrolling and no distracting graphical effects. Something along the lines of Superfrog, New Zealand Story, Rainbow Islands and so many others we know and love on the Amiga. Any suggestions?
And while we are at it, why most people today don't play 2D games any more?
You should consider buying a Gameboy Advance (or the new f*****' cute Gameboy Micro It is a perfect platform for platform games Hundereds of *brand new* oldskoolish games (and still counting) even a few Amiga conversions (James Pond 2, Soccer Kid).

I do not recollect any good 2D platform games released recently for the PC market but at least you can find some interesting stuff on Playstation2 and Gamecube consoles: (this one doesn't have bitmap graphics, but it is still a 2D platform game)
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