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I want an A1000

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Originally Posted by Photon
Try "Save the Sheriff" at, a Shockwave game. It's not really representative of the great things Shockwave can do, but it's cute and well made.
Thanks, it's very nice. Exactly what I was looking gameplay-wise, but it certainly cannot compare to Amiga platformers when it comes to gfx+audio. I particularly enjoyed the "stomp-on-baddies" effect (reminded me of Robocod and Lupo Alberto [still won't work on winuae]) and the 'remember-jump' feature. Meaning when you're holding the up/jump button, the character won't mindlessly jump all the time, but only jump once, if you pressed the jump button again, when in the middle of a... jump. Always loved that, a healthy sign of a clever platformer.

Originally Posted by Photon
Otherwise, I think your best bet for nice-looking platformers would be to get a new console or hand-held.
Don't want to do that, really. And a hand-held, , the essential sense of exploration in platformers is totally lost in that minute screen.
This is probably the sort of thing I'm looking for: Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure

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