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Originally Posted by FromWithin
It's not being ported to AROS as far as I'm aware. MorphOS, yes. AROS, no. There's no way in hell I would use AROS to run Bars&Pipes though. I'm a fan of the project, but I wouldn't trust it enough. It'll be a long time before stability is high enough for professional usage.
I cant recall where I read about the Aros BNP port, over the past few days, but just from doing a google for 'aros bars pipes' will lead you to an apps list
that isnt where I saw it originally but does show it as a work in progress.
As for Aros's future stability, that has yet to be seen. My post wasnt as a recommendation, just pointing out another option to running a 68k version of BNP under any form of emulation.
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