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Originally Posted by dondilly
The source code for bars and pipes is now available and I did read somewhere that it either has been or is being ported to AROS so still not necessary to buy an A1.
It's not being ported to AROS as far as I'm aware. MorphOS, yes. AROS, no. There's no way in hell I would use AROS to run Bars&Pipes though. I'm a fan of the project, but I wouldn't trust it enough. It'll be a long time before stability is high enough for professional usage.

Either way, it still doesn't help the fact that I need a totally separate computer for Bars&Pipes. I still need my PC for my EmulatorX card/software and multi-track recording. So to stop me carting my Amiga across the atlantic, why not just buy an AmigaOne? Makes sense to me.
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