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Originally Posted by woody57
From Within can speak about this program with REAL authority, as he is a music professional.
Being a music professional does not necessarily carry the authority, but I would suggest that the fact that I have been using Bars&Pipes constantly for over 12 years (!) does.

Todor Fay, B&P's designer is a genius (and very nice bloke), and Alfred Faust, the current maintainer, is a saint for his work.

So I would ask if he agrees a ported version to OS4 sounds like a good step forward for an application to run on it.
This would be the sole reason for me to buy OS4. I only use my Amiga for B&P and Personal Paint. My A4000 won't last forever (although it doesn't show any signs of age and I have an emergency backup A3000), and any way to have B&P running natively is interesting to me. WinUAE just cannot give accurate enough timing for real professional use (although I have used it for a couple of "real instrument" tracks that didn't require absolute strict timing when I was working away from home, and I greatly thank WinUAE contributors for making that happen), especially when I need to do synchronous recording and sample playback/softsynths on the PC at the same time.

There is also a possibility of me moving to another country, and I would much prefer to buy an AmigaOne and not have to lug my 4000 with me. This is only reason I would consider buying an AmigaOne (I already have a PPC card, so when B&P works fully I'll get OS4 anyway). Although the 300 Tools on the current classic version can not all be ported over as source code is missing for many. Whatever happens, I can't see there being a time when I'm not writing music with Bars&Pipes or a future direct descendant. BTW, one great thing about the classic Amiga for audio is that you can power down the hard drives indefinitely to make it silent.

With regard to other users, however, without built-in hard disk recording and VST compatibility, people are very unlikely to switch. These two features are not going to happen, and without the experience of actually having already used Bars&Pipes, it's difficult to see the benefits of having a stand-alone MIDI editor. Somebody would really need to have a face-to-face demonstration of what it can do, unless they are actively looking for a better way of editing MIDI.

One thing it does is give greater legitimacy to OS4 itself. B&P is, at the very least, remembered with fondness by a lot of people, and it is a good line to add onto the feature list.
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