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interesting Charlie, very interesting,

keeping a *light* emulation layer could provide a needed point to *sell* it, sadly there is not new software and games since all us amigans have left in the community is PD.

In truth this has been done on many home-brew X-boxes for some time using linux and e-uae to varing results.

I see the point of using pre-defined and existing technology platforms, and indeed some what intising to promote an existing console computer that has a large user base, however if this had presented itself with an OS about 7-8 years ago, i am sure things would of been different today most assuredly after all, why bother to develop for another system (commercially speaking).

*enter license agreements via produced software via platform hence SONY lol

Hmmm lots of portents and woe, hmmm

If AMIGA could develop a unified graphics architecture abstraction layer, combine this with current Hardware layers ( a small over head ), perhaps even considering a modular prehiperal driver structure on top of this (yeah simular to Windows and Linux) but we begin to have a modern 21st Centery OS.

Please dont get me wrong, the work Mickey_C brought in the images prove this can be done on a very modest cost, but as woody57 kinda hints on, we are already losing ground, the more it dithers the more *usable*(linux) or atleast more intrentched (windowz) becomes in the market.

perhaps after cooling and more so reading these continual posts i can begin to see the point Mickey_C and Woody57 both make, that OS4 is in itself an achievement (albiet a target from a developers standpoint) as well as a tenualbe and license product goal.

However as I have pretty much said in previous posts, I see a large down fall by pinning all hopes in some what serously outdated and over expensive technology, and releasing an Xbox or other Console compliaint version, although a cool idea would be throught with pit falls, not in the least licensing, as most consoles are sold at a loss to profit from the software licensing.

Although developing for an OS4 enabled existing system *should we say* would be a tantalising morsal for commercial exploitation since they can utilize an existing user base and obviously release software on systems without having to *ahem* pay for the privalige.

Hmmm food for thought, but more so i believe i REALLY need to cut down the size of these posts.
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