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In use there is still nothing to replace its flexability as it's more a musicians tool than the rest of the bunch.

While the original board it's news apeared on seemed to critisise it's looks, the version of Bars & pipes professional shown is a true multimedia control system capapable of handling a LOT more than just midi music.

Its REAL time ability to record & play back music outstrips the overpriced , overquantised and less compatable music systems that are touted around todays recording industry.

And its dropable in each channel tools perform better that some external add on effects even today.

From Within can speak about this program with REAL authority , as he is a music proffesional . so I would ask if he agree's a ported version to OS4 sounds like a good step forward for an application to run on it

But unless it contains NEW features etc then it certainly won't inspire older users to buy A1 & OS4 unless some of the external midi voices & improved effects signal processsing are now going to be carried internally as opposed to the need for external sound modules

There again what do you really think ? is there any room in the market for a NEW B&P 2005?
Because as it stands why change ?
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