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Originally Posted by Ironclaw
The wmv format is as good as any other format, if not better as it offer great quality and low file sizes. Wmv has never ever crashed for me, and I have never used VLC. I only use Media Player Classic.
Nooo, you've got the wrong end of the stick. It was the Xvid ones that were throwing a wobbler when I tried maximizing them.

I agree that the WMV format has small file sizes in its favour, but not a lot else. Quality is sacrificed and that's why WMV tends to only be used for short, funny movie clips that people throw away once they've watched them.

That aside, it's yet another of Microsoft's totally unnecessary proprietary formats. Because it's tied to Windows and Media Player it lacks cross-platform compatibility. You shouldn't have to install a separate movie player for a single format. This is why VLC is so great - it will play almost everything you throw at it out of the box. Compare that to Media Player where you have to faff about finding out which codec you need to install to play back each file type it hasn't encountered before. It attempts to do this automatically, but fails more often than not.
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