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Lots of interesting points. All of which have some validity I'm both happy and saddened to say.
That's Amiga I guess.

Quick point - I'd love an x86 AmigaOS as one of my beefs is the expensive and underpowered nature of the PPC hardware on offer compared the what I've already invested in. Hyperion's own OS4 site states clearly that the OS has been written to be portable and with interest+backing could be quickly ported to any platform.

I'd settle for a (good) PPC box because I assume 'OS4x86' would struggle with newer PPC software without yet another emulaton layer. Not good for a lightweight OS and not too good struggling software developers either.

Fantasy time again? - XBoX 360 - ATI GFX; PPCish multi-processor architecture; hdd; mass-produced and cheap. Enough IO to add keyboard etc. Sounds a bit like a modern A1200 to me!
With a fixed hardware platform related to OS4's current targets, not too hard to port?
It may even be in M$'s interests not to complain...... or ( please don't sacrifice me ) lend some support.

Um - don't seem to be good @ quick points.....

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