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Originally Posted by StarEye
So you'd rather have an incredibly potential game just die out? And then people wonder why gamecompanies never take chances and try something new...
Trying somthing new, or cashing in on an old flogged donkey.

Clearly, I am not meaing to say DONT BUY THIS GAME, but please execise caution and not be bought in by just a label and a promise, after all the Amiga community can say they have been on the receiving end of that one for the last decade or so.

I admit i think its because of this i am instantly skeptical when a software company wants to revive an old game, I always ask where the moneys going, (but that could be my age lol)

And you know, i have played many-a-footie since the Amiga ( on console & PC ), and really... there isnt any candle to sensi..

for the simple reason (3 lines):

Your a goal scoring superstar hero
you where you hair down with pride...
Your a goal scoring superstar hero...

*its at this time the joystick fire button is clicked....*

good days.....
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