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It's a low-budget game. It will not cost £30. It will be a different game. If they changed the name, would that make you buy it? Are you only not buying it because it has Sensible in its title? What is so wrong with buying a game like this? It's a new game fergadsake, it's not a relauch or re-release.

You might as well laugh at the people who bought Metroid Prime for the Nintendo Gamecube. After all, the original is already good enough as it is. Civilization IV, heck why did they even need to make Civ 2? The original is all you need.

Heck, Pitstop II is so good, I don't know why these new ones get made. After all, we only need on racing game, don't we?

I'm really really not seeing the point of being so against a new Sensible Soccer, after all it's not a remake, it's not a case of cashing in, it's a case of a long-awaited return for a franchise that fills a gap that's been left open for many years. What's the point of being so against this?

Also, FIFA 06 isn't easy anymore, although I still don't like it. SWOS is getting WAY to easy for me. Other than that, PES5 is the best football game ever made, sharing first place with SWOS and with Kick Off 2 on a close second. We get an update of PES5 every single year, and FIFA gets two a year. What could possibly be so bad to have the first official Sensible Soccer game since '98? I... just... don't... see... the... point...
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