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help needed finding and creating my new complation dvds

hi guys, im in the process of trying to create some amiga dvds containing every known amiga disk in existence. I want it to be bootable on an xbox, and to run on a pc also. Goiing to include the latest emus and configs.

So far, i have all of the

games upto tosec 0.27, and the update to 0.29
workbench disks
applications upto tosec 0.22
numerous whdload files

and loads of demos.

Basicly what i need from you guys is suggestions as to how i should put it all togethter, and also what im missing and should get. I was also hoping to ilcude magazine disks of which im currently getting and magazine scans of which im struggling to find.

One think i need to try and do is unzip all of the tosec archives i have and rezip each file so that they can be read in zip format by an emulator. Anyone know of a quick way of doing that?
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