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Originally Posted by Avanze
As a consequence, finding a perfect SID and filter is hard. They say Martin Galway had a perfect SID chip.
And I have one that is almost identical in sound.

I have a HardSID Quattro with 3 x 6581s and an 8580. The 8580 is very clean and is good for modern synthesis. The 6581s have varying filters: weedy (Hubbard), medium (Galway), extreme (Dunn). It's good to have the balance because some SIDs sound totally different on different chips. For example, the weedy chip plays Rob Hubbard tunes that sound far better than on the other chips or with reSID, so the filter probably matches the one that he had. The extreme chip plays David Dunn tunes really well (these tunes sound totally different on each one to the extent that you can't even hear some of the sounds on the "wrong" chip). David Dunn's stuff is amazing on the right chip. Really superb use of the filter. Such a shame that hardly anybody has heard them properly. And of course, my medium chip sound just like Martin's does on the recording from his own SID chip on Project Galway.

As far as using for music creation, again the balance is good. The cleanliness of the 8580 is useful, as are the extra waveforms that are present, but with the 6581s you can shove up the resonance and distort the filter, getting some really amazing dirty sounds.

I got one SID chip with the card and got the others from C64s bought from car boot sales.

A HardSID Quattro is highly recommended.
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