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Exclamation Maybe the "key file" route is the only option

So many applications on PC from smaller companies Ashampoo,Adobe etc release demo downloads which require a purchased key to fully enable.

The piracey arguement of "we daren't release it unless we sell the whole package" defeats the purpose of increased sales through useage arguement.

If an OS is going to impress it needs to be first hand "seen " working by more than a few devotee's so the costing arguement made by Zetro has some validity here particularly when it comes to existing Amiga users & those who have ppc machines already.

Since the main user of the "G" series processors has now abandoned that markets need for future development, it means the current permutation of A1 will remain at a high manufacturing cost for what it can do vs the common pC pricewise .....Sadly that is the yardstick used by many...cost vs performance.

If we were talking Cars its like comparing a Rolls Royce salloon to a Mondeo GX, they are both transport people from one point to the other but one is many times more expensive to buy & run than the other and it carries an exclusive ownership status with it.....the other may be common but it fulfills the need of many, is reliable & doesn't require a long search for common cheap parts to repair.

However the A1 is NO Rolls Royce it's a custom kit car at best, so the sales vs exclusivity badge still applies but it's never going to become a viable market product.

Since the EMU performed by WINuae is increasingly getting better the existing Amiga ethusiasts need MORE than just another emulated platform to encourage them to buy a REAL machine as opposed to virtual.

This threads ORIGINAL purpose is to let questioners actually "See what A1 & working OS4 " is about.

Mikey_C who is an Amiga enthusiast NOT a developer is doing a pretty good job of presenting a case to show WHY? we should look at the updated devolpments that have been so long awaited.

Since we know that there is currently another NEW Amiga machine in development Amy05, my belief is we should more be trying to look towards the hardware developers for answers & input than critising a machine which by any standards is NOW over 4years old, which compared to other machines developments is now out of date by any measure.

I see the A1 & 0S4 as a stepping stone rather than as a solution to increasing the profile of Amiga to new customers & agree that the financial squeezing of existing Amiga enthusiasts is NOT a good public relations policey as it alienates more than it encourages.

As a project A1 has reached its developmental target...the question is ? where do we go from here ?

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