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Originally Posted by Mikey_C
I Guess, we'll have to agree on disagree, I dont think making AmigaOS open source would take it any further to be honest.
Tell that to the Linux Scene,

Allthough I do hear you the No. of possible distro's and compilations is a nightmare and anoying, but theres nothing wrong with a developers council or something to that effect were there is a stable platform, irrespective of the plefora of versions

Originally Posted by Mikey_C
Unlike other open OS's where one person buys the product and the rest just pirate it.
Oh dear oh dear.... piracy... if it can be read it can be copied, if you like the software you support it, blagged software is a mnoma insofar as software house *tout* how they get ripped off (£30 for software... hmmm think about it...)

there are many thoughts on piracy agumentatively you are not really taking away from them as in a *sale* for that person was not going to buy it anyway.

my personal view is some what escewd in this, if

(a) software could be a LOT cheaper then
(b) if you like the software support it, i have lost countless times a down load as
resulted in a purchase (FayCry to name one)

where one sits on piracy is a personal viewpoint.

Originally Posted by Mickey_C
It just isn't gonna happen, Hyperion have invested a lot of time into this project, 4 years as a matter of fact. That costs a lot of money in terms of paying a few programmers (and yes there are a lot of part time volunteers)
time invested into non-cost effective *expensive* hardware whereby an x86 equiv would of been cheeper both in development as well as implementation!! hmm volunteers dont get paid so they got ripped in a commercial way.

Not to mention C / C++ all you need is a compiler, sheesh 30years that language has been arround. all you as a developer have to do is develop a HAL for the custom chips for that legacy software that casues you so much head ache.. but hang on... why bother doing that... CPUs are cheap and fast enough to just EMULATE..

so really what am i paying for? a platitude ? i can emulate very well on my x86 and i dont need no £50/100 platitiude.

The only love i have left for the Amiga, is in the comunity, you, me everybody of it.. commercially speaking, OS4 will be lucky to break even by placing themselfs in such a specialist market, my hope atleast is that OS3.x goes public release GNU some time, as a thank you, but that wont happen..

simply because OS4 is not much more than OS3.x, if you look upon the list of included software that *makes* the OS4 distro you will find a lot of them started as community projects (hijacked me thinks) as well as the fact most are PD.

Hyperon are not savours worthy of devotion, they are capitalists willing to use the community as a selling angle to make money.

We give inspiration, a community sensus and blind faith and all we ask for is hope...

wheres OUR investment? the one we have all harboured? prey'd and whished for... you know the one longing to go back into the shops and see AMIGA software...

Everyone made their buck and moved on.. its time we took it back...

( come the revolution brothers and sisters.... come the revolution )
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