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Ya' like it Retr0?
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Heys Mickey_C

Yeah Hitch Hikers is cool, *the so much*
and BeOS was very limmited to what WB stuff it could run (i haveBeOS and another that you dont see often QNX) *i collect OS's strange and sad but hey... its a hobby*

anyways you mean BLIND faith ? or Obsesive devotion ?

Hmmm you know i did have them once... i did...

but i found out that tooo many people profited and cashed in from it and left me in the dark with a lot of broken promises (not going to mention Haage and P or cbm or gateway etc... ooops)

Faith, oh brother, I have an unshakable faith in the community, devotion, sheesh this Board gets more time than a lot of my projects (usually rates 3 in the number of things to do)

For me my brother amigan, the community made the computer (community also = developers and game / demo writers) so the machine provided the platform and the community provided the glue, the entertainment and the inspiration to carry Amiga thusfar...

and to thank us for OUR devotion, OUR inspiration they

(a) use the community as a selling point for entry to the mobile / SFF market
(b) likely to charge £50/100 for an OS that only works on expensive NON cost effective

my friends, this isn`t a thank you... OS4 comes across as a direct smack in the face!

and the truth is... if i wanted a Windows PC i have 8 of them, i want an AmigaOS PC using all the yummy inexpensive equipment out today.. otherwise Amiga might as well packup and go home..

Invest in hardware that:
(a) has not determined future
(b) some what shakey past and
(c) an OS that has to emulate to get the real good things rolling... hmmm

are you sure thats an investment? investments are expected to have a return on them, not to wash away after a brief factor of fun.

Its plainly obvious why NO x86 version isn`t avail... (no its not the HAL thats easy to implement after all Linux is free *even then its not that difficult* enough FREE hals exist for development within the x86 market

Is it the fact that cpu Chips cannot handle it? well if you believe that then you deserve what comes at you.

Its quite simple, they REAL way they can make money from us (SQUEEZE us more)is to sell the SOLUTION (hardware and software) and charge for a bit more on top.... yeah thats looking out for the community isnt it?

The second reason as to why theres no x86 version is the fact the would lose total control of the OS, its develpment and aim and direction. to many of us community would modify it to OUR needs and not what we are TOLD to do.

damn it why can we not demand it back for the people?????? I may just have to start a liberate WB thread, either that or get my decompiler ready and clear my schedule for the next few years lol.
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