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OKAY TIME FOR ONE BIG HISSY FIT ( I want my *boing* ball and I Wanna go home!!!!!)

Unfortunately I have to rant and lose it completely...
and it could mean completely... and this is why...

As I have read this thread, I had some Genuine interest in OS4 and then I went to the website and began to read more....

Oh dear was that a big mistake, i have been formulating this post for some time now, editing all the expletives out and the incoherent ramblings.

So let me take you back a few years when gatway threw the towl in... a company bought the Amiga rights...

For the next couple of years it was just a lable that was shamelessly prostituted to make any kinda of money.

I begged, pleaded, prayed and dreamed that an OPEN workbench would some day .... just some day would come to pass....
Did that happen???? Hell no they saw that the community had made this operating system incredibly useable after all baptised by our fire through 3 revisions and then susessive inconification themes, hell we amigans INVENTED desktop themes!!!!!

so there it was no OPen WB for us...

let me take to today, 5 years have just flown past...

so as an Operating System company what hardware plaform do you specialize in, after all you are a company (Amiga) so should you instinctively play to the largest market?

or to maximise profits from a small base touting a *SOLUTION* as a product that requires over top cost for hardware when cheap inexpensive alternatives exist? Hmmm sounds like the the same F*ck up CBM made all those *continual* years ago.

So lets see, the most prolific and i mean PROLIFIC CPU is the IA32 (intel pentuim) architectiure, infact this has been superceeded many times over, but still is the most mass produced CPU in todays market (including clones) (and according to most cpu manufactures will be for the next few years to come)

SO with this in mind does Amiga offer an OS4 for the x86 achitecture? its not as if an AMD barton 3200 or P4 3200 isn`t going to cope. If one wanted to make money with hardware as opposed to emulation they hit the nail on the head 4-5 years ago with a 68k chip (040 i believe) on a PCI card. Failing that what about including a boot BIOS on the card that isn`t hard to do!!!!! after all its nothing more then IO mem mapping and thats standard on mobos (if it isn`t it come with drivers(irq ones)).

please dont get me wrong my fellow amigans I LOVE motorolla, infact I have several of them, my first mobile phone was a moto (with the intel outside sticker on it) my second phone was an AMD 486sx33 base phone.. but thats another story... and today, well today includes work and UNI so its MDA and the *cost effective* solutions is an IXA232 (risc based intel pentium) at 400Mhz, and hell to geek out on it I installed a SNES, LYNX and AtariST emulator.... couldn`t find an amiga one yet that worked (

back to the post.....

WHy is Workbench or Amiga OS Sooooooooooooo elusive for the x86 architecture, with todays standards its both damn damn cheap and seriously quick!?!?!?!?!?!?!

So does Amiga create an open source project for its *community*, HELL NO instead it uses the *community* as a selling point... yes i said THEY SELL US dont believe me tell me your thoughts on this, we are the community, we make what is, is. so obviously AMIGA feels they have the rights to the community too, GRRRGRGRGRGRGRRRRRR


Work with AmigaOS4.0 and you have the attention of the Amiga community - enthusiastic individuals self-motivated to provide an expert focus group and a pool of talent that can be drawn from.


bottom right hand paragraph

I could quote more but the more i quote the sicker i become, me, my friends, my fellow amigans treated as a resource when were are basically IGNORED otherwise... GRRRRR


okay.. time to cool for a sec.

So what do Amiga do to ensure the survival of OS4 and you know lets say give back to the community, a version for PPC as opposed the G4, these are generaly costly chips that nowdays are over priced for the work they can do compared to a cost effective solution so here we go again my friends more "propriatety hardware - software solutions".

why can WE not have native x86 support!? What is Sooooo tabooo about it!?

I dont want some over expensive G3/G4

I dont want some obscure PPC derivative..

I dont care presonaly about the cold fire (even though its cool)

What i do care about is my community... in all its glory, and the way forward is to use the mass products of the market not try and re-invent a base computer sheesh, thats what consoles are all about!!!!!

Its a shame, I cannot be the only Amigan in pain... this OS4 is an affront to my good nature.

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