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All quite fair comments, but don't take my suggestions too seriously - just my personal pipe-dreams....

troika board - way too underpowered for what I would currently put it to, never mind the near future. ( Apart from OS4 )

Linux - I reg try distro's, but for me Linux still isn't a viable OS. ( too many usability issues to be worth the effort )

PPC PCI card + H.A.L. for OS4 - pipe dream I know, but others may have had the idea too......?

Though highly unlikley I suspect my final suggestion of a 3rd party 'PPC-Mac Amithlon' based on Darwin for OS4 has the greatest potential for solving the issues as I see them:
Who makes up-to-date ppc boxes that run a useful alternate OS?
Apple aren't keen on foreign OS's written for their boxes or publication of specs.
Hyperion don't have the resources to write the many necessary drivers for Mac-native version(s).

For me the bottom line is the userbase badly needs expanding to be viable. I can't be the only one who is VERY interested in buying a real AmigaOS system for the first time. Equally I'm not going to buy into expensive hardware that will hold little in the way of alternate uses.
I suspect that many potential customers are of a similar opinion.

On the bright side I continue to buy software for 3.9 to run on my emulators. Here's hoping some of my thoughts aren't complete b*ll.

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