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Ironstone, C64, IK+, System 3 and Me

Just received an email from Ironstone Partners, the company that owns the licence to the C64 name and logos. It transpires that they've bought the rights to create a Flash version of IK+ from System 3, and have noticed that there's already one out there:

The email was terribly polite, but basically boils down to "co-operate with us and you might get a tiny bit of money, but go against us and we'll force you to take the game off-line".

Now, I've just walked into a job that pays ridiculous amounts of money, so waving that flag doesn't do anything for me. Threats that they'll take the game down don't bother me either. I'll happily take it down - it'll mean I'll stop getting emails from people complaining that the AI isn't finished (though it's a shame the work will go to waste).

The issue comes down to how much this company deserves my co-operation. After buying the C64 logos etc, Ironstone's first act was to threaten to sue pretty much everyone involved in the C64 scene, from the companies who make cheap MP3 players with the chickenhead logo, through community websites, to the emulation authors. They quickly re-evaluated this when they realised that they'd just alienated their entire market, making their purchase worthless.

Later on, Ironstone released the C64-in-a-joystick deeley, which is a marvellous piece of kit. TJ Hughes are selling them for £20 at the moment, and I've been meaning to buy one.

So, has anyone heard anything more about Ironstone? Should I work with them, or at least let them use my sourcecode as a basis for their own version? Should I demand to be paid in C64-in-a-joystick deeleys, and send them out for free to any EAB members that want them (and are willing to pay for the postage)?
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