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The question is:
Is there a way to disable the Extended Rom of the the CD32 on startup??????
It will free more RAM!!
I think quite all game that needs 1.5Mb or 2Mb don't run just because the CD32 loads too many things on memory at startup
I've seen i don't remember where that on the CD32 startup there is 1.83Mb Chipmem free
I don't know how the RAD device works but if a Rad device can unable the Extended rom on reboot it will be great!!!!!!
Or just a command that disable extended rom in the startup-sequence!!!!

I don't know if a kind of software can do that but it's really my dream to make a comp with the Amiga CD32 Games Never Released!!!!!!!!

Whitesnake, have you done some "unorthodox" (like said Woody )CD32 conversion game before?????

You seems to really know what you're doing and i think you'll be a masterpiece
for this request.............

Perhaps we have to open another thread for the "CD32 Full Memory Startup Commands"????
Perhaps we will have more answers..........
What do you think of it?????


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