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Aladdin4D not that new news

I just checked the site of Novadesign the creators of Aladdin4d and ImageFX.
There is an article 'Nova Design is selling Aladdin 4D into Open Source!'.
The story is a few months old but found no mention of it here.

In their news section
The company isnt exactly giving anything away. They have obviously descieded to get out of the 3d rendering biz. They first tried finding a commercial buyer for the product and any IP rights associated with it, even to the point of trying to sell it on ebay with obviously no takers, or rather not at the price they were looking for.

That is where the open source idea comes in. Yet they are trying to Sell the package into open source. Lets face it, ultimately if you sell something you wouldnt care if the new owner went open source with it or not as you have sold the rights its not your concern.

The open source site they have set up for it is nothing more than a fund raising attempt as they obviously couldnt get an offer (if at all) in the right ball park from commercial vendors.

Their Quasi opensource site is at

Looking at the figures theyve got a long way to go :-)

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