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Many moons ago when I was more interested in RiscOS ( Acorn ) than Amiga, one plan mooted to improve availability of decent hardware was a native processor PCI card / processor socket card combined with a hardware abstraction layer in software to get the OS to run.
Think of it as Amithlon for OS4 combined with a PPC card in an x86 box. The software being rather simpler as no cpu emulation etc is needed.

One of the more powerful current RiscOS boxes is very much the culmination of this setup.

It would do me, and if implemented as an admittedly less-than-ideal pci card I'd end up with the solutions I'm after without yet more boxes to fill the house.

Just an idea....

More simply a stripped out Linux/Darwin/OSX kernel could also be used as an abstraction layer between OS4 and a PPC-Mac. This would help the twin headaches of driver development and Apple's reticence in providing hardware doc's on such a platform. I guess Bernie's been burnt too often to have a go?

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