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Thanks for the interesting info.
In Os4 for the first time ever I'm sorely tempted to invest in hardware. Up to now my many hours of Amiga fun have been with the various emulators.
It's even pleasing to see other manufacturers showing interest. - Good for future confidence.
It wouldn't suprise me if there are many more like me who could greatly expand the Amiga userbase. Something of a small-scale renaissance?

But I'm not going to buy....

Although obviously more than fine for AmigaOS, I won't invest an a ppc mobo etc that won't be up to running other ( more bloated ) OS's+apps now & in the future.

Pegasos II would be the minimum spec I would consider - no chance for OS4.
Modern Mac box better still -no chance too I guess.

I suspect sadly a lot of potential customers like me are of a similar opinion.

Does anyone know of another PPC board that Hyperion may port OS4 to that would be worth investing in?

Sorry to sound a bit negative, my money is ready to be spent when the right setup is available.

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