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Hmm loads of points to deal with here, I'll answer them as best as I can...

Originally Posted by Retro Nerd
How much for the OS & the board?
That's a good question, the OS is gonna be rumoured to be about £50 to £100 ukp (final price has still not been set.)

The Board, i.e. an Amigaone would cost around $800 to $1200 USD which is waaay too expensive, besides, I have a feeling that there will not be anymore AmigaOne boads, It looks like Eyetech have thrown in the towel.

That leaves the new kids on the block, Troika, they are promising a new board the Amy'05 at around $400 to $800usd, (final price has yet to be set).
More details on their website, - They reckon they will have made two production runs of this board by the end of THIS year.
(I am reserving judgement on that time scale)

Originally Posted by Haakon
Never really considered A1 with OS4, but i guess that would be a better (and a lot more expensive) choice. BUT: OS4 emulates games. Does the emulating function like WinUae (90% perfection) or is it like the real deal? (100%). Can i just run Kick Off, and it runs like my old A500 or do i individually have to setup each game (like Winuae)?
I am not the best person to answer this, I will say what I know and then, get you a more definitive answer from someone else later. E-UAE is WinUAE but for AmigaOS4 computers, so I guess it will work in a pretty similar way as what you are used to. OS4 will come with a backward emulation layer called Petunia, this will be very similar to the solution Apple used when they switched over from 68k to PPC. How good it is, I don't know, it will be released with the final version of OS4 (again, from what I know it will be out before this year ends)

Originally Posted by Haakon
So what you get is a PowerPC with a customised OS who has to emulate every Amiga-program it's using? Not sure i see the difference here between this and emulating everything through a ordinary PC?
Actually, you would be surprised at how many native AmigaOS4 programs, including games there are already, don't forget OS4 pre-release has been around for about 18 months to 2 years already, so people have been porting and writing stuff for a while now.

Take a peek at OS4depot to get an idea. those are freeware programs on there, but there are also commercial programs like SoundMed (Octamed 2) Audio Evolution, Hollywood (Scala but better - even has a scala plug in too!)
and quite a few more (which I can't recall right now) the list seems to grow by the week. Even some 68k Games have also been ported to AOS4 and now run native. It's an exciting time at the moment and will get even better when it's finally released.

I also suggest, you take a quick peek [here], as it covers a lot of stuff.

BTW, OS4 is now fully portable, which means, from what I hear, a version for PDA in the works - look here

Any more questions?

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