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Originally Posted by woody57
So readers can view the other highly important GUI changes ?
My page wasn't meant to be an indepth view, It would also be too biased anyhow. Why not take the review written by ARS Technica? (written before Pre-release Update 3 was released)

A typical OS3.9 Screenshot that you should be familier with. Please pay attention to how the yam email client looks. then compare that to how simplemail (which is almost identical in looks on OS3.9 to Yam and indeed the same between the two on OS4) looks on one of my screenshots, you saw earlier.

Also, please take a look at these themes that are part of the official AmigaOS4 Pre release and will be bundled along with the final version.

Finally, here's a small article I wrote about my MicroA1, please excuse my photo's, Halloween has just passed
(Note the article above was also written before Pre Release 3, many of the points I made have been addressed/fixed)
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