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Nice response guys! The whole reason i started this was because A: i thought the Tutor might appreciate that Amiga still exists even if in a less commercial sense and B: to show one of the students what a tool he was for chucking a perfectly good Amiga A1200 in a skip (if nothing else he could of slapped it on Ebay).

It wasn't my intention to call it PC vs Amiga it just sorta came out that way! what i meant was an Amiga of it's hay day could do anything a PC equivlent of the same time and better could do. I just want to emphasize how the Amiga can do what it can on such low speed) Also please note i lost touch with Amiga and all it's advancements about 1995 so i missed a few years myself until Winuae came about. I know Amiga advanced in some ways but those where always out of my reach ie A4000's etc so my knowledge is really only uptill A1200 with expansions such as blizzard boards / added cdrom drives (squirell interface etc) a couple of my m8's had Amiga towers (hacked Pc cases) and i got myself one around 1999 but it was such a bad job i gave up on it got rid and replaced it with a proper vanilla A1200 i even picked up a 2nd A1200 with a port for PC monitor (though it's not got flicker fixing or anything fancy)

Anyway from here on in i don't wish to offend any guys who own Amiga One's etc and all manner of new stuff ie Keropi half of that stuff on your spec list is a mystery to me m8 i just don't know anything about lets call it power Amiga's etc

What i am planning to do is wrap up this presentation in powerpoint or something like that with some graphics and maybe some nice music with some info about Amiga's what they could do (with examples of video which are clickable to full screen to be watched etc so they need to be short to a point however anyone who wants to watch further on each clip would be able to at their leisure sort of thing) At this Point your DVD would be very handy Bippym If you wouldnt mind sending it to me that would be fantastic as i'd love to watch it on the xbox on the TV besides this project!

QUOTE ( i don't know how to sub quote this so i wont try so i don't loose all i have written)

Would be nice if Fromwithin or another amiga music master could supply footage of Bars & pipes running a midi setup too !

END QUOTE: Yes i would love to see that too some use of applications on the Amiga and a midi setup would be brilliant too as the tutor was banging on about how muso's have adopted Apple's in that situation!

Well thanks guys i hope your still intrested i'm no genious when it comes to putting stuff like this together but i am willing to give it a go!

Thanks to all who replied!

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