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Hi all.... a quick reply:

I recommend everyone to record with either DivX, Xvid och Microsoft Video 1. DivX is a fast codec and most people shouldnt experience any slow down while playing and recording with it.

No one should ever record with the H264 codec, if you do, we cant edit those files, they become protected or something.. so please ONLY use DivX, Xvid or MV1.

When recording you will of course get large files. Before uploading them to us, just recompress them with decent quality with any of the above codecs EXCEPT H264. That codec should only be used by us in the final product as it gives great quality and low file sizes.

Always record in 50fps..... and if recompressing the movies before uploading them to us, do not change the framrate... if the files we recieve are in standard Amiga 50 fps, the movies we put on the page is 50fps.

what the heck ??? you mean i have to do again mission 2 to 13 ???

are you kidding ?? Do you know how much i spent on recording these ??

Hipoosios was wrong, no one should record with the H264 codec... Record with the 3 ones mentioned above..... so no need to replay those levels..... what you have recorded so far is ok, as long as they are not in H264.

I will make a major update to the recording guide in FAQ.... tomorrow

If anyone have any suggestions on what to include, please post them.

The first thing I will add to the guide is to recommend using Divx,Xvid or Microsoft video.. and the also recomend people to recompress the files with decent quality before uploading them...

Hope the above answers/comments helped...

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