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The Small Footprint of AmigaOS, is IMHO very good. Install your WinXP. Install your modern Linux. Install the Modern AmigaOS. Which one leaves the most space for YOUR programs? WinXP isn't even usable for other than webbrowsing, in and by itself, and the installation is more than 1.5GB. Space taken up by things you'll hardly ever use. Granted, with the Linux, you'll get "everything" you need, right out of the box, except games which you need to install separatley. But this takes up something like 6GB or more (FedoraCore 4)

Then comes the Amiga. (Have still to try 4.0, talking 3.9 here, for classic)installed in something like 20MB. installs the programs Mikey_C talked about (for Classic, of course, not OS4 ). And you STILL haven't used much more than 150 MB, IF THAT MUCH!!!!

so. If we used a "clean" 80GB HD. After a full WinXP install, we've still got to install IRC, MSN Messenger (let's face it, Windows Messenger is crap), Office (OpenOffice should be enough for most) and everything else. how much space is left then? 60? 50?

Linux, same type HD.......something like 65GB left (assuming you made a swap partition of 2GB or somesuch)

Amiga. 80GB HD space before. Everything installed and you have.......79.8GB space for games and other junk......

I see a CLEAR advantage there.

Also I seem to recall, that Amiga games used less space than the PC versions. and that was BEFORE Win95. The few games that has been ported.....well. I guess they STILL use less space. So you get MORE crammed onto an Amiga disk than under the two others.

Which means, more value for your money.
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