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Originally Posted by Unknown_K
The logic that braught you to the Amiga in the 1980's should have found you a more viable platform in this century already.
Actually, just so you know, I had a PC back in the 80's in the days when PC's were 286's and had 16 colours, made little beeps etc.

I got an Amiga back in 1992 (an A1200) back then, it was 386's and you could run Windows 3.10 or 3.11 - Compared to that, the little A1200 was a power house.

Until recently, I was an IT support engineer, I have given it all up to become a truck driver, it's less stress and I don't have to put up with people who find PC's and Windows too complicated by half. I also have a windows XP machine which I built myself.

My Amiga is far from outdated, perhaps your views are? I have a Power PC Micro AmigaOne, it runs OS4, I have a word processor, spreadsheet program, IRC client, Paint Programs, Email, News group reader, games, emulators, etc installed. The only thing really lacking on the current amiga scene is Firefox and Open Office.

My AmigaOne has 256mb on board. OS4 loads in under 50mb, that includes, themes, backdrops, commodities etc. Leaving me 206mb or RAM to run all those apps and games mentioned above. I have yet to run out of memory in my day to day usage. I don't need a swap file, It reboots in 7 seconds (from warm and boots in under 30 secs from cold)

Sure, the Amiga is very dead, lack of software is a disadvantage, but I don't worry about that, cos I can run MacOSX on it if I need to. (and I do)

But for a dead system, it runs really well, it's smooth, fast and doesn't come with half the headaches that windows xp has like, Viruses, Spyware, security updates etc, that don't have to be updated everyday.

Logic dictates that people would want to use an OS that has less aggrevation than what the herd follow.

Also, when I want to switch my Amiga off, I press the OFF switch, not hit the button marked "Start" then Shut down and wait a minute whilst it gets itself ready to do so.

Yeah, Amiga - Remember when computing was fun, doesn't apply, cos it's still fun.

EDIT, I have just realised this thread has gone way off topic, if anyone wants to discuss this further with me, I suggest you send me a PM.

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