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I think people put too much hope into an underfunded OS that realy has no place in todays world except to a few diehards that can't move on from their glory days.

"Amiga - Remember when computing was fun?" You can remove Amiga and replace it with any platform you had when you were young and used it for anything except real work.

Is it realy that hard to admit Amiga died years ago and to move on to something a bit better supported? A computer is a tool, its not a religion. Just because you use a PC/Mac/Linux today box does not mean you cannot still like your old Amiga hardware. The X86 PC on the 1980's has evolved quite a bit to what it is today, nobody will think less of an Amiga zeolot if he uses a PC today even if the person crucified PC users back in the day. Things change, you need to adapt. The logic that braught you to the Amiga in the 1980's should have found you a more viable platform in this century already.
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